Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is search engine optimization (SEO)? Let's start right away with the fact that traffic to the site can be paid and free. Paid traffic is generated by advertising in its various manifestations. But, here we will talk about free traffic. No need to explain that a free visitor to your site is a boon. If he is interested in your topic, this is doubly good. And if he is also ready to buy...

Search engines are the main source of free traffic. That is, someone types in Yandex or Google a request like “I want pizza”, and the search engine gives him a list of sites that, in her opinion, are the most relevant (corresponding) to this request. The whole point is that your site should be in this list for this particular request, if you sell pizza.

The phrase "my site is in the top ten of Yandex" is absolutely meaningless, if you do not specify what subject the site is dedicated to, for what request it is shown in the top ten, how this question corresponds to what potential buyers type, and how many people generally type this request monthly statistics. For example, if you sell pizza on a website, then the query should be about pizza. Moreover, it should not be “pizza recipe”, but “order pizza”. And then we look at how many people type this request in Yandex (according to its own statistics) per month, and not everywhere, but in your city (service region).

The steps you take to do this analysis and get those people to your site through search engines is what search engine optimization is all about.

Basic SEO steps

The following describes the main stages of working with each site for SEO, which are used in our web studio. They do not reflect the entire amount of work, but only mark the route. It must be said that each of these steps is almost mandatory for success, and often ignoring one of them can lead to failure:

  1. Study your business, products, customers.
  2. Study your successful competitors and their sites.
  3. Selection of search queries leading to sales.
  4. Internal site optimization: speed, structure, linking and other technical issues.
  5. Filling with quality content for people.
  6. External optimization.
  7. Inviting external links to the site.
  8. Working with social networks and instant messengers.
  9. Studying behavioral factors and improving usability.

Cost of works

When ordering search promotion, we conclude a cooperation agreement with you. You determine the budget - how much you are willing to spend on SEO. This may be an amount of approximately from 500 to 3,000 c.u. per month, which will be spent on salaries of employees, and overhead costs. We do not charge for the position of your site in the search, but only for the work actually done and the actual expenses.