Connecting acquiring

Here we will talk about the integration of the site with banks and payment systems to pay for orders online.

The time has passed when it was possible to pay for services or purchases with a bank card on the site only through payment systems, where real money was turned into some kind of electronic currency, and then back into money when transferred to the seller's settlement account.

At present, more and more Internet acquiring services are being provided by banks themselves. The main advantage of such a transition is lower service fees. With a large turnover, a transition is noticeable, for example, from 3.5% to 2.7%.

The second difference between banking services is the automatic receipt of funds to your current account and full accounting support for these operations. For example, your current account is in bank "A". Your acquirer is Bank B. When paying by card, Bank B will process the transaction and transfer the required amount (minus interest) to your account at Bank A a day later.

There is also a disadvantage when servicing at a bank, and it concerns the technical issues of connecting the site to acquiring. Each bank has its own protocols for exchanging information with sites, and they are often more complex than in payment systems.

Cost of works

The cost of acquiring connection: from 100 USD

For an accurate cost estimate and estimate, please contact the developer. See "Contacts" page.